4 Tips for Choosing a Used Truck without Damage

Although the price is cheap and can reduce your financial costs, choosing a used truck must be considered with details of all parts. Many people buy trucks to be used in business activities such as transporting goods or materials to be sent from one location to another. But, often some businesses are more likely to choose used trucks because they want to reduce the cost of spending just for transportation. Somehow, before you buy a used truck, it is necessary to know the condition. Here are some tips for choosing a used truck.

  1. Check the filter engine

The important thing you have to do when buying a used truck is to check the engine. You have to really know the engine and don’t look at it at a glance because you won’t be able to conclude whether the engine is still good for use or not at all. If you do not check it correctly, it will be bad for your finance because you have to repair the truck. Try to control properly whether there are engine parts that have oil dripping as well as controlling, especially on the manifold contained in the exhaust, whether it’s dry or wet.

Check the filter engine
Check the filter engine

Also, check the power steering hose for leaks or not. Checking bolts is also important to make sure if everything is installed neatly and see if the condition is still good or has been corroded and defective because it often can be dismantled.

  1. Perform control for engine oil

In addition to the engine, checking the oil can also affect the performance of the engine inside. Check the amount of oil in the engine whether it is at the normal boundary line or even less than the normal limit. Not only the volume or amount of the oil, but buy you also have to see the thickness of the oil. Make sure that the oil thickness is normal.

  1. Check the air radiator

Try to check the trick in cold conditions or when it has not been heated yet. Open the lid in the radiator water and then check the color. If the radiator water is cloudy and brownish, then you can conclude that the truck is not getting enough maintenance. Conversely, if the water is green or red, then this car gets good care. This will be very influential when you use it later.

Check the air radiator
Check the air radiator
  1. Turn on the truck’s engine

After checking the radiator, then the next thing you can do is try to turn on the engine. Be careful when you listen to a very strange sound as you start it. Gently, pull the gas to find out more about the engine. If the engine sounds still good, then the indication is to have pressure and also when the gas is released, there is no strange sound. You can also heat the engine while opening the oil cap. If there is smoke, there is leaky compression.