Diesel Engine Maintenance: Tips and Trick for Maintaining Your Truck Engine

Most trucks use diesel engine because the diesel engine is very powerful, especially for heavy duty. Somehow, if you have a truck, then you need to conduct regular truck engine maintenance. Like other vehicles, you have to check the engine or the condition of the truck so that it will run smoothly. Anyway, how to maintain your truck engine?

  1. Always warm up before you drive the truck

You can play poker online at  while waiting for to warm up the truck engine for about 10 minutes. But, you should not do it too long because it can have a bad effect, one of which is the disposal of exhaust gas from the exhaust which can endanger health. The heating function itself is to provide lubrication to all parts of your car’s engine. In addition, this can anticipate the engine to get”shocked” on the components of the engine.

Always warm up before you drive the truck
Always warm up before you drive the truck
  1. Pay attention to the use of diesel fuel, filters, and solar tanks

Use diesel that has good quality despite it’s expensive. You can use diesel fuel which has a low sulfur content because this will affect the engine’s lighter weight and smoother engine sound. In addition, the smoke released from the exhaust will also be clean. Replace your diesel filter if the fuel filter on the dashboard lights up which indicates the presence of dirt or water that clogs the fuel filter. If you don’t immediately clean it, there is a possibility that the dirt or water can get into the engine’s fuel system and can cause the diesel engine to not work perfectly.

  1. Sedimentary water treatment and incandescent spark plugs

Usually,  modern diesel filters are equipped with sedimentary water. This tool serves to capture the water content contained in diesel engine fuel. Check the water content in the water heater regularly. If the fuel indicator lights up then it indicates the water content in the water transmitter is maximal and must be immediately discarded.

Sedimentary water treatment
Sedimentary water treatment
  1. Clean the air filter regularly

Clean air can make the fuel process perfect and the performance of the engine to a maximum and can make the use of fuel become more efficient. The pore size of the diesel engine air filter only reaches 50-60 microns and with a size like that dust and dirt can enter it. All you need to know is that dust is the main enemy of diesel engines.

  1. Do not immediately turn off the diesel engine

Never turn off your diesel engine directly when you are finished using it. At least let the engine stay on for 5 minutes then you can turn it off. Turning off the car’s engine directly can cause a “stress” engine that reduces the lifespan of using a diesel engine itself.