Kinds of Trucks and the Functions You Must Know

Kinds of Trucks and the Functions in a Small and Big Business

Kinds of Trucks

Kinds of Trucks or a trailer is an unpowered vehicle which is usually towed to a powered vehicle. People have done the modification of this vehicle and they can create a semi-truck trailer. There are many kinds of semi-truck trailers that people can choose. While a trailer is usually used for a small business, the semi-truck trailer is usually used for a big business.

In transporting logistics, actually there are many kinds of trucks used. So, people do not only use semi-truck trailer to transport big stuff. Each kind of truck has different function and it is able to transport different thing.

Semi-Truck Trailer

Semi-truck trailer is commonly used for transporting logistics. Very often people use this kind of truck as it can carry heavy loads. This kind of truck is good to carry piling goods as it has more space. The maximum capacity of the semi-truck trailer is usually 24,000 kg and thus it is very suitable for a big business.

The brake system that is used in semi-truck trailer is air brakes, parking brakes, and emergency brakes. Each of the brakes has different role in the operating of semi-truck trailer but they are all equally important.

The Lift Trucks

This maximum capacity of this kind of truck is around 2,000 kg and it has a lifting mechanism to load and unload goods from and to the truck. It is usually used in a distribution and it is often used in a small business.

Jumbo Trailer Trucks

The maximum capacity if this kind of truck is around 24,000 kg. This truck has more space and it can carry much stuff whether it is heavy or light.

Flatbed Trucks

It has a driver cabin and an open space for a bed. The Truck has no roof or sides and thus it is easier to unload stuff from it. Trucks is suitable for carrying heavy stuff like logs, pipes, wood, booths, etc. The stuff in the truck can be unloaded easily using a crane. It is usually used for a big business since the scale is big.

Straight Trucks

This kind of truck is usually used for transporting logistics and stuff like furniture, kitchenware, and other ceme online goods. It is also known as a cube truck or a cube van. This kind of truck is usually used by many drivers as the license requirement is quite easy compared to other kinds of tucks.

Refrigerated Trucks

This kind of truck is usually used to carry easily-broken goods like food, vegetables, fruits, etc. It has a fridge system inside to keep the goods fresh. The temperature can be set to a certain number to make sure that the goods will last longer.

People can choose any kinds of trucks they need that suit their business. Whether it is big or small business, they can match it with the truck used. Each truck can carry different stuff and thus, they need to choose carefully. Each truck also needs different maintenance, so it is important to know the system first before using one.