Some Facts about Trucks

A truck is a motorized vehicle to transport goods. Trucks often refer to as goods vehicles. In the small form of goods, vehicles refer to as pick-ups, while larger shapes are called big trucks. Other types of medium-sized trucks and used for container transportation in the form of patches are referred to as trailer trucks. The type of tank truck is useful for transporting liquids such as fuel oil and others.

Anyway, there are some facts about the trucks which you do not know before.

  1. Driving a truck hand in hand can save fuel

You may see on the highway a group of trucks which goes hand in hand. This is done by truck drivers to minimize accidents and maintain security from the crime of certain parties, especially if they cross the sparsely populated area In addition, when you drive a truck hand in hand, you will get the aerodynamic truck which can save fuel.

  1. Many trucks usually run on the right side

Trucks are often running in the right lane because large vehicles are difficult to maneuver than small vehicles. Meanwhile, in the left lane, there are usually transport cars, motorbikes, and other small vehicles. In fact, it’s not that the driver does not want to budge, but it is very difficult to maneuver a truck. They are are also difficult to turn or reverse.

Facts about Trucks
Facts about Trucks
  1. Trucks may run slowly on the highway

Trucks often run very slowly on the highway which every vehicle should be able to drive with more speed. It is not due to the lack of speed, but the tires on the truck are not heat resistant. Tires on a truck are not super-sophisticated and the tires used are sometimes only vulcanized, while the load carried is so heavy. For this reason, there are many cases of truck tire breaks on the highway.

  1. The truck driver feels very hot in the car

Trucks have hot air because the car’s engine is right under the driver’s seat. In addition, there is no AC inside the truck. It makes the driver feel sweaty and they usually open the truck windows to get some air to balance the temperature.

Facts about Trucks
Facts about Trucks
  1. Most truck drivers have irregular life

Unlike regular employees or entrepreneurs in a certain company, most truck drivers rarely go home. The life of the truck drivers is also irregular, they often fall asleep because they wait for long queues. Their patience exceeds the money they get.